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You can access to information anywhere in the world by this multiplatform, reserve your space NOW with us and share your product range, profile, unique and special moments, all through a link to our database of multimedia magazines. With just one click you will become part of our online advertising network, you can choose between full- time or scheduled versions of magazines, custom video for your needs, update social networks and links from any page in your magazine. All your information in one movement page, you can view it on cell phones, smart TV, tablets, iPad, Mac OS, PC and any device connected to the Internet worldwide.

What is an Interactive multimedia digital magazine?

The Multimedia Digital Magazine is a tool that merges basic advertising objectives with today´s technology, constituting a powerful impact system within modern society. The new technologies offer a better information roadmap and worldwide scope. They integrate text, photos and videos in one single publication, thereby slashing costs and increasing the dissemination of information.

Advantages of the Multimedia digital magazines

Digital publications do not require paper or inks or middlemen for their distribution, so their production cost is much lower. They take up no physical space, Digital magazines are always available and require no physical space to store them.

Digital Era’s Communication, Worldwide Internet Use

The reach of these publications is much vaster since there are no limited editions of printed magazines. Any person who owns a Tablet, laptop or Smartphone can download the digital magazine whenever and wherever they want. Since it can be published on several platforms, the scope of the edition is potentially worldwide. It is NOT limited to locations where printed editions are available.

They can be used for an infinite number of purposes: product catalogues, personal profiles, social events, business presentations, marketing, tourism, sports, surveys, catalogues and training of staff, among other uses. Any content in a digital magazine can be share don social networks and sent by e-mail, and can also be placed on web pages. The advertising available to the readers of the digital magazine is much more far-reaching, which is not possible in the “physical” (printed) version.

Why use Digital magazines?

The digital magazine can be immediately put at the disposition of the users. Another advantage is the easy incorporation of news, featured articles, articles on current events and other events a few minutes prior to the closing of the edition, since practically no time is wasted in diagramming, edition and distribution to sales points. Cell phones, Smartphones, Tablets, radio localizers and other communication systems incentivate and feed the demand for information in real time.

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